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the Parthenon fam

"parthenon is what

       gyro dreams are made of" -Rebecca M.

- Since 1972 -

It All Began in 1972 with Greek Food and the American Dream

Parthenon Gyros is a third generation Greek family owned and operated award-winning Madison institution, making America's Best handcrafted Gyros since 1972.

our story began when our parents and grandparents immigrated to the United States from Greece with only a few dollars, fewer options, and a big dream - to make it in this wonderful land of opportunity.  Their passion for people and delicious, simple, made-from-scratch Greek food naturally led them into restaurants where they worked tirelessly year after year, eventually paving the way to the famous Parthenon Gyros.

Parthenon was the first to bring the Gyro (pronounced YEER-o) to the great state of Wisconsin and we’re proud to be one of the only gyro restaurants left in the country to still make our own Gyros (and sauce) entirely by hand from simple ingredients. It’s the real deal, folks - no fillers, no preservatives, no chemicals – just real food done right!

To make our delicious handcrafted Gyros, we grind whole cuts of premium beef and lamb and mix in simple, natural spices (we even grind our own peppercorn and use oregano from greece!). We then form our gyros into their classic cones, which slowly rotate on our vertical rotisserie fire grills until the meat is seared to sizzling perfection and sliced off in thin, juicy layers and piled high on grilled pita bread. We top off the deliciousness with fresh sliced onions, tomatoes and our mouthwatering, house-made tzatziki sauce, which we still make the old-fashioned way, by crafting our very own Greek yogurt from just milk and super-healthy probiotic cultures (more reason to love it!) and adding cucumbers, lemon and garlic.


Today, my wife and I are proud to be the third generation to continue our family legacy at Parthenon Gyros. We’re forever grateful to the millions of Parthenon fans who have embraced us wholeheartedly for all these years and who inspire us to continue to serve the best house-made, iconic Gyros in the country!


Σας ευχαριστούμε, με αγάπη (We Thank You All, with Love),

Dimitri and Erin 



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We craft our famous Gyros in house by grinding premium lamb and beef and mixing in simple, natural spices such as imported Greek oregano and house-ground pepper. Then we sear the Gyro meat to sizzling perfection on our rotisserie fire grills, slice it thin on grilled pita bread and top it with sliced onions and fresh parsley, ripe tomatoes and tzatziki, a cucumber garlic sauce made from our own house-made probiotic Greek yogurt. 

(Our signature sandwich and most popular item by far!)


Mega Gyro

Same as the Gyro

But 50% bigger!

(our second most popular item)

Spicy Gyro

Our Gyro kicked-up with spicy

giardiniera peppers


Freaky Greek

Big enough for Hercules himself!

A Mega Gyro with 2 marinated grilled chicken breast skewers

Spicy MEGA

Our Gyro kicked-up with spicy

giardiniera peppers

Greek Chick

Greek spice marinated, grilled chicken breast skewers on a pita with onions, tomatoes + tzatziki sauce

Cluck'n Caesar

Grilled chicken breast skewers on a

pita with lettuce, tomatoes + creamy Caesar dressing



Hummus, lettuce, tzatziki, onions,

tomatoes on a pita with feta +

spicy giardinera peppers


Gyro Plate.jpeg
Hercules Plate.jpeg

Gyro plate

Build-your-own plate with gyro meat,

onions, tomatoes, tzatziki sauce,

fries + 2 grilled pitas

Freaky Greek plate

A Gyro Plate with 2 chicken breast skewers, fries + 2 grilled pitas



greek salad

Crisp lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, pepperoncini, Kalamata olives and feta cheese

served with Greek vinaigrette or Caesar dressing

includes pita bread

fries + Hummus


Lightly breaded with a crunchy outside and soft inside

Wisco Fries

Smothered in

cheddar cheese sauce

Greek Fries

Sprinkled with Greek spices

and loaded with crumbled

local feta cheese

Pita Dippers.jpeg

Pita Dippers

Grilled pita triangles with

hummus and tzatziki

for dipping


Yogurt new.jpg

greek yogurt

Rich and creamy

house-made probiotic

Greek yogurt with

a side of honey

New Yips Bags.jpeg

(Click on pic to learn more)


Flaky, buttery layers of baked filo dough stuffed with cinnamon, crushed walnuts + drizzled with honey



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