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ParthPerks Rewards

This is a picture of a Parthenon gyro

How does it work?

  • $1 = 1 Point

  • 100 Points = $10 off

  • Once you meet or exceed 100 points you can use your ParthPerks toward free dine-in or take out purchases at Parthenon Gyros

How do I sign up for ParthPerks?

  1. Sign up at

  2. You will receive a text to create your account

  3. Link your credit or debit card to automatically get points with each visit (secure & easiest, but optional). If you don’t want to link, just tell us to apply your rewards each time you pay

  4. Make sure you opt into Birthday Rewards, too!

  5. Start earning ParthPerks!

How do I start earning ParthPerks points? 

  • If you've linked your credit or debit card, when you pay for your order points will automatically be added to your ParthPerks account

  • If you have not linked a credit or debit card, enter your phone number after you pay, or tell us to put the points on your ParthPerks account (we'll look you up by your name or number in our system)

What do I do with my old Parthenon Gyros punch card? 

  • We will no longer use the old punch cards, but we can apply your old punches to your new ParthPerks account

  • Conversion: 1 punch = 10 points

  • Example: If you have an old punch card with 7 punches, we'll add 70 points to your new ParthPerks account

  1. Sign up for ParthPerks rewards

  2. Turn in your old punch card at the counter and we'll apply the points to your new ParthPerks account


What are Birthday Rewards?

1. Opt into Birthday Rewards when you sign up for ParthPerks

2. We'll put a $5 credit on your ParthPerks account during your birthday month

3. Come in anytime during your birthday month for $5 off whatever you want.

How do I check my balance?

How do I link another credit card or change my linked card?

  • You must use the link in your welcome email to link or change a credit card

Any other questions?

Any other random things I should know?

  • Dine-in and takeout orders are eligible to earn ParthPerks points

  • Delivery orders and catering orders are not eligible for ParthPerks at this time

  • If you do not link your credit or debit card and don't tell us to apply your purchase to your ParthPerks account when you pay, once you leave the restaurant we will not be able to go back and apply the points to your account

  • ParthPerks rewards program may be modified at any time without notice

  • By signing up for and using ParthPerks rewards, you acknowledge and accept our policies and practices

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