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"I first ate at your restaurant in 1978 and I've never found a better Gyro. I now live in Florida and I'm excited to visit your restaurant again when I come back for my 40th high school reunion. So glad you are still open."

- Scott C.

The gyros were great! The instructions were perfect. We are on a ski weekend and brought the gyros up for dinner. They were a hit and everyone thought the gyros were delicious! Tasted like we were at Parthenon! Thanks to Eric for preparing and packing the gyros so well! He did a great job!  This is an annual trip so we will look forward to ordering gyros again next year! Thank you so much for the follow-up. Everyone did a great job and the gyros were great!

- Dino T.

OMG, to die for! Love Parthenon! Best Gyros in THE COUNTRY! Go there often and employees/owners are awesome!!! Great atmosphere and on State St makes it the best! Baklava is to die for!!!

- Vicky C-F.

I moved to Las Vegas in 1980 and still crave your Gyros. Every time I visit Madison, I try to stop in. I haven't found anywhere out here that comes close to your food. Now I'm drooling.

- Patsy M.

The first time I had a Gyro was from Parthenon and over the years it just be came a standard great place to go! But, lately it seems more clean, more bright and more inviting! The food is STILL GREAT, but the atmosphere a lot more fun to go to!

- Mary G.

The Best Gyros you can get on this earth!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this place! And the fact that it's been in the same location my entire life.....says it all.

- Kathy B.

The only place to go, I've tried many others and they are "ok" as a matter of fact we are driving 40 miles and dealing with drive time traffic just for a gyro, guess I better find another activity while I'm in madison. I recall 25 years ago walking down state st in a -20 windchill just for a gyro....

- Chris R.


I recently moved to Madison and needed to find a good gyro. Parthenon delivered! Honestly probably the best gyro I've ever had. Their meat and tzatziki sauce are both made in house and fantastic! This is a Madison staple.

- Travis D.

Madison, WI

A family tradition for decades. An absolute must if you're near Madison and love gyros. But be prepared, once you've had these no others will compare.

- Sarah G.

If I were to live on a desert island n could have one food I would chose a Parthenon gyro. Ive tried many different shops but none compare to THE PARTHENON!

- Richard C.

Janesville, WI

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I just wanted to give a HUGE thanks to the all the employees of Parthenon's for going the extra mile (more like 3000 of em) to package up my son who lives in Seattle, WA his favorite gyro. That is beyond exceptional service & he was extremely happy!!    You all rock.

 - Brenda B.               

I've never had a gyro anywhere else. Im too scared it won't measure up. Parthenon has either ruined me or saved me. Either way, they've got a customer for life ❤

                                                                - Sarah L.

You guys are often Imitated But Never Duplicated!
                                                                                                                                               - Carl    A.

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Best gyro in the universe.
Flew 2 light years just to get one!

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Emma Brown, Chicago

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